Western Rodeo Shows at Corona Ranch


Western Bull Riding at Corona Ranch
Escaramuzas at Corona Ranch
Trick Roping (Texas Skip)
Pass of Death - Cowboy Jumping on Bareback Horse

We are proud to present a Rodeo Show that highlights the most exciting portions of both Western Rodeo and a Mexican Charreada.

The Charreada (Mexican Rodeo) consists of several different feats of Horseman-ship including Riding, Roping, Accuracy, Courage and Style.

The Western portion showcases the two most exciting events that made Rodeo great.


  • Western Style Wild Bull Riding
  • Cala de Caballo
  • Precision High Speed Horse Maneuvers
  • Floreo de Riata
  • Variety of High Skill Trick Roping
  • Paso de la Muerta
  • Pass of Death
  • Escaramuza
  • Women’s Formation Drill Team

All events are accompanied by a thrilling 6-piece Mariachi Band or 4 piece C&W band, adding to the flavor of Rodeo Days.

Our event-filled Rodeo is professionally announced and designed for 30 minutes of “edge-of-the-seat” excitement!

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