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Google Map

[map w="600" h="400" style="full, standard" z="16" marker="yes" infowindow="Hello World!" infowindowdefault="yes or no" maptype="SATELLITE, HYBRID, TERRAIN" hidecontrols="true or false" address="New York"]

Shortcode Explanation

  • w – map width in pixels;
  • h – map height in pixels;
  • style – “full” will be stretched to the width of the container;
  • z – zoom level (0-20);
  • marker – show or hide the marker;
  • infowindow – text in the info window;
  • infowindowdefault – open or hide the window by default;
  • hidecontrols – show or hide controls of the map;
  • maptype – desired map type (all caps);
  • address – valid address.